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Senior Arts Therapist (AThR)

Jess was initially drawn to the field of art therapy through a personal experience of processing life events through art making. Realising the therapeutic benefits that engagement in the creative arts can offer, she completed her degree in Creative Arts before going on to complete a Master of Art Therapy.

Jess enjoys working with a variety of different people. Her experience includes working with people with mental health issues, group facilitation, older people and dementia, disability and with general medicine patients in an inpatient hospital setting.

Jess continues to paint in her free time. She also enjoys working with natural materials, found objects and mixed media. Jess experiences great joy when introducing clients to a range of different materials and assisting a client to discover a medium that they feel they can express themselves through. 

Jess approaches art therapy from a humanistic perspective, highlighting positive regard and compassion for the client. She works with the understanding that the client is the expert of their own lives and provides a safe space for exploration and personal growth.

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Arts Therapist 

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Angela’s creativity and passion for nurturing young minds drew her into the transformative realm of Arts Therapy. Angela holds a Bachelor’s of Arts Therapy from Ikon Institute and is registered with ANZACATA.


With a rich background in childcare and out-of-school hours care spanning over 25 years, Angela has dedicated herself to working with children and adolescents. As an educational team leader and Director, she has forged meaningful connections with families, firmly believing that early intervention can assist child development. 


In her practice, Angela uses a range of therapeutic approaches including elements from both Gestalt and Humanistic therapy. Angela prides herself on using a client-centred approach to promote self-awareness and creative problem-solving to navigate interpersonal difficulties. This also utilises aspects of somatic psychotherapy by working with participants to connect with bodily sensations and experiences with the belief that we feel into our experiences before putting words and meaning to them. Angela is also passionate about using multiple modalities to enhance the therapeutic experience through engaging different senses in creative processes and fostering a deeper connection to emotions and self-expression. Angela incorporates a range of therapeutic approaches including Gestalt Therapy focusing on self-awareness and growth, empowering participants to explore and work through life stressors and environments through artmaking.


Angela's Arts Therapy approach transcends the notion of art as a mere end product. Instead, she passionately advocates that the true essence lies in the therapeutic journey itself, where self-discovery and healing unfold hand in hand. Through the arts, Angela guides her clients to relieve stress, find inner solace, and explore new dimensions of self-expression in an imaginative and playful manner.




Arts Therapist  

Alex is an Arts Therapist who has always been deeply immersed in various artistic expressions. From a young age, Alex's journey revolved around music, with a strong focus on visual arts during school and later, a rewarding career in a design house. Alongside performing with bands and in musical theatre, Alex found a calling in co-facilitating music and drama community groups, where the therapeutic benefits became evident to all participants.


Guided by a genuine desire to share the transformative power of arts with others, Alex seeks to offer exploration and support during challenging transitions, adversities, and varying sets of abilities that might constrain personal growth. Employing an eclectic range of mediums, including visual art, sound, movement, and drama, Alex tailors the therapeutic approach to each individual's unique needs.


Through Alex's expertise, clients learn to expand their social skills and deepen their self-understanding as they engage their creative minds. The absence of pressure to conform to societal expectations allows for authentic self-expression, fostering a safe and nurturing space for personal exploration. Most importantly, Alex firmly believes that infusing an element of fun into the therapeutic process adds a profound layer of enrichment to the journey.


The philosophies of Arts based therapies have become the cornerstone of Alex’s work

and further studies.

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Dance and Drama Educator, Creative Arts Therapy Student

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Kirsty is a drama and dance educator with 25 years experience in schools and the wider community. She holds a Bachelor of Dance and a Graduate Diploma of Education from Adelaide University.

In her youth, drama gave Kirsty a voice and a place to develop confidence by taking on wild and wonderful characters. Since then she has worked with numerous community and professional dance and theatre companies and still enjoys the excitement of ‘treading the boards’ and the deep connections of working creatively with others.

Recognising how valuable creativity can be in personal growth and healing, Kirsty is currently studying for a Graduate Certificate in Creative Therapies at Charles Darwin University.

Kirsty facilitates ‘Cahoots’, a drama group at ‘Arts Therapy Spectrum’ which provides an inclusive place for children and adults to creatively collaborate with others. Drama games, improvisational activities and scripts are not only fun, but offer self expression opportunities through voice and movement. ‘Cahoots’ has both informal and full production performance opportunities, which are a wonderful celebration of creativity and community.

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