Meet the Team

Welcome to Arts Therapy Spectrum and Play Therapy Spectrum.

I'm Donna, Director, Senior Arts Therapist and Play Therapist, and Supervisor.

I am a Master's qualified, registered Arts Therapist (AThR) and a certified Synergetic Play Therapist. I have been working as an arts therapist for a decade and working as a group facilitator for 15 years. I completed my study in Melbourne and was the arts therapist at the Monash Children's Hospital before relocating home to Adelaide. I worked on the academic team in the School of Creative Arts Therapies at the Ikon Institute and taught on the Bachelor of Arts Psychotherapy.  I am a professional member of ANZACATA and feel strongly about advocating for arts therapy and being a supportive part of the arts therapy community in Adelaide.

Arts therapy and play therapy are my passion and I love exploring new art materials, mediums and toys. I enjoy the challenge of finding a medium that really speaks to my client. While the goal of art therapy is not to become good at art, I get excited when clients fall in love with making art and start to utilise this for health, wellbeing and fun outside of our sessions.


I enjoy working with all clients but have a special interest in working with children, teens and adults with ASD.​  


Isy has always utilised the arts to express herself and to connect to her inner thoughts and feelings so when she discovered art therapy, by chance, she discovered that along with her passion for supporting others that arts therapy was the perfect match.


Isy has been an art therapist since 2014 after finishing a 2 year diploma at Ikon and in 2020 will be graduating in a Masters in Therapeutic Arts practice at MIECAT. 


Isy has a broad range of experience working with youth, disability and children with high, complex needs in Foster care. 


Isy has always loved movement and dance as a form of expression. Isy believes that movement combined with music are such powerful tools to capture thoughts and feelings. Isy loves her sessions to be open to any form of expression and encourages her clients to break free from traditional approach or technique that might be associated with any given modality or medium, anything goes!


Georgina Maddox has been a practicing Art Therapist since completing her Advanced Diploma of Art Therapy at IKON institute. She has a broad range of experience working predominately with clients who have experienced trauma, have a disability, severe memory deficits and complex mental health issues.

In addition, Georgina holds a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Psychological Studies (GradEntry), Bachelor of Psychological Science (First Class Hons) and is currently completing her PhD in Psychology at Flinders University. Georgina’s PhD research is focused on the effects of drawing on memory and clinical cognition, specifically PTSD symptomology. Georgina is extremely passionate about continuing to build a strong evidence base to inform best practice in the use of creative art therapies for mental health.

Georgina is also a practising visual artist. She has been a finalist in several art award exhibitions and has exhibited extensively both locally and nationally. Georgina believes that visual art has unique qualities that are fundamental to our health and wellbeing; it serves a purpose beyond food, water, shelter or any other simple physical necessity. Georgina considers art to be an innate non-verbal tool that allows us to connect, convey, challenge and communicate ideas in the therapeutic setting.


Long childhood illness led Liz to use art to express herself as a teenager. As an adult, she studied Art Therapy at La Trobe University in 2009.  Liz is also a dancer, and loves using movement in a therapeutic setting where relevant also.


Liz has a special passion for using art therapy in an aged care setting, having worked for many years with aged care residents experiencing Alzheimer's and Dementia. She has also worked extensively with aged care residents with long term Deafness and Blindness. 


Liz's brother has ASD and complex disabilities, and this has led her to work with other young people with ASD and other disabilities through dance and visual arts.


As a dress maker, she loves using fabrics, sewing and needlework alongside traditional visual arts media in self expression.

Liz is also currently studying Synergetic Play Therapy and is a Play Therapist for Play Therapy Spectrum.


Alex has always been immersed in the arts in one form or another. As a musician and majoring in visual arts through school, then working in a design house,

performing with and organising bands and musical theatre lead to Alex co-facilitating music and drama community groups and learning of the therapeutic benefits that were found by all involved.


Alex began study to facilitate intentional therapy via the mediums of art and the models of psychotherapeutic practice. He now holds an AssociateDegree in Arts Psychotherapy and is studying to complete his degree in Integrative


Alex loves to share arts mediums with all who may benefit from exploration and guidance

through difficult transitions, challenges and different sets of abilities that can limit the

boundaries of personal growth.  Alex uses visual art, sound, movement and drama within his practice. Alex believes people learn to expand their social skills and understand

themselves more when their creative mind is engaged, when there is no pressure to conform to expectations, and especially when there is an element of fun to be had.


The philosophies of Arts based therapies have become the cornerstone of Alex’s work

and further studies.


Jess was initially drawn to the field of art therapy through a personal experience of processing life events through art making. Realising the therapeutic benefits that engagement in the creative arts can offer, she completed her degree in Creative Arts before going on to complete a Master of Art Therapy.

Jess enjoys working with a variety of different people. Her experience includes working with people with mental health issues, group facilitation, older people and dementia, disability and with general medicine patients in an inpatient hospital setting.

Jess continues to paint in her free time. She also enjoys working with natural materials, found objects and mixed media. Jess experiences great joy when introducing clients to a range of different materials and assisting a client to discover a medium that they feel they can express themselves through. 

Jess approaches art therapy from a humanistic perspective, highlighting positive regard and compassion for the client. She works with the understanding that the client is the expert of their own lives and provides a safe space for exploration and personal growth.

Arts Therapy, Art Therapy, Play Therapy, ASD, Autism, Adelaide, Southern Adelaide


Arts Therapy, Art Therapy, Play Therapy, ASD, Autism, Adelaide, Southern Adelaide

Joanne also is known as Jo accidentally fell into Art Therapy while processing some of her

life challenges and saw the therapeutic benefits of using creative arts to heal. This drew her into exploring Arts Therapy as a career that incorporated her love of the arts and helpingothers with a focus on working with children.

Jo has been working with children and young people for more than 20 yrs. Her background in childcare and as an educational and special needs tutor led her to further study and completing her degree in 2020 in Art Psychotherapy at Ikon Institute of Australia.

Jo has always been creative and has a strong musical background that has enhanced her

ability to use music as a modality for exploration and healing. She loves exploring the multi-modal process with clients to find what resonates with them.

Jo also has a strong connection to nature and enjoys gardening and using home-grown vegetables and fruits from the garden.

Jo is an Arts psychotherapist who loves holding space with clients and letting the creative process unfurl by encouraging and gently guiding clients through their art-making. She has the vision to assist and inspire others in their creative processes by connecting, expressing and discovering their authentic self.