Anxiety and Stress

It is now widely known that art making can help combat stress. 

Sometimes clients aren't sure why they are anxious or stressed which means it is difficult to talk about what is going on for them in traditional therapy. Exploring what is present for clients using art making is often surprising. It is also often less confronting and more relaxing. Defences are down as the client is more embodied and less cerebral and they are able to spontaneously create. Our patterns and ways of being are present in the process of creating and in the creation. The arts therapist works alongside the client to explore what has been created and to try and make meaning of the client's experiences.  Once the client understands their experience on both an embodied and cognitive level they are able to consciously choose a different way of being in the world. One that is more aligned with their values and who they authentically are.


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2018 Arts Therapy Spectrum, Adelaide

Arts Therapy Spectrum acknowledges that the Kaurna people are the custodians of the land and waters of the Adelaide region on which we live and work.