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How does arts therapy work?

Painting Stones

Arts therapists are trained in psychotherapy/counselling skills and are equipped to support clients through life transitions and persistent problems. The key is that it is not necessary to talk about the problem to be able to find a resolution. Sometimes we just don't know what's wrong or can't find the words to express our experiences.  

Arts therapy works with the unconscious mind, embodied knowing, and the senses, to express emotions, share stories, and ultimately make meaning of our experiences.  In an arts therapy session there is full freedom to be you!  The arts therapy space becomes a microcosm of your world and you are in control of your world. This means you get to try things that you couldn't try in your daily life. You get to experiment, use your imagination and ultimately decide who you are and how you want to be in the world.

At Arts Therapy Spectrum, we also have an extensive understanding of working with NDIS goals in a therapeutic context. In the planning process, we create therapeutic objectives which help us measure progress made towards NDIS goals. The therapeutic objectives act as scaffolded steps to achieving the overarching goal. When planning the therapeutic objectives, we take into account what parents/caregivers, teachers, and the participant (where possible) want. It is important that the therapeutic process is personalised and tailored to each individual. We also consider how the therapeutic objectives map against the 6 Functional domains as outlined by the NDIS.

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