My Approach

I am a registered Arts Therapist (AThR) who uses a client led, phenomenological approach focusing on creating a strong therapeutic relationship while assessing the needs of the client.  The direction of therapy is usually based around primary goals identified by the clients (or their parents).  As the therapist, I also identify goals based around developmental needs and emotional and mental health.  The goals of the session will differ depending on the age, presenting issue and needs and wants of the client.

I ensure that I am up to date with current research and relevant psychotherapeutic and arts therapy theories. I have termed the way I work 'structure vs emergence'.  This means that I prepare for the sessions based on the goals, and the appropriate interventions that match these. Then within the session, it is important for me to be client led. This means that I will change the directive to suit what comes up for the client in the moment.  This ability to be spontaneous and emergent, utilising my knowledge of the art materials and theories underpinning the choice of art interventions, means that I am able to stay with the current needs of the client. This way of practicing serves to strengthen the therapeutic relationship.  For many clients the arts therapy space is the one place where they can be, do, and say whatever they want and allow full expression of themselves. Because of this unique way of providing therapy, I find that I am often referred clients that haven't been able to engage in any other services. 

I utilise an inter-modal approach using a vast array of materials and modalities. This ensures that I have a way of engaging the spectrum of clients that I see.

Arts Therapy spectrum is an inclusive space that welcomes all nationalities, genders, abilities and belief systems.  

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2018 Arts Therapy Spectrum, Adelaide

Arts Therapy Spectrum acknowledges that the Kaurna people are the custodians of the land and waters of the Adelaide region on which we live and work.