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What is Arts Therapy?

''Creative arts therapy is an experiential psychotherapeutic approach utilising arts modalities within a relationship with a trained therapist, attending to emotional, cognitive, physical and spiritual well-being'' (ANZACATA, 2019).  










Arts Therapy at Arts Therapy Spectrum





At Arts therapy Spectrum, we offer a whole brained approach, underpinning our practice with the latest neuroscience, interpersonal biology research, understanding of nervous system regulation, and attachment theory, as well as the latest evidence-based arts therapy practices. We are influenced by experiential, human-centred models of therapy as well as Synergetic Play Therapy and Autplay models.

  • We are client led and offer a directive or non-directive approach as needed. 

  • We believe in offering a multi-modal creative arts approach and utilise sound, movement, play, drama, nature and the visual arts to engage the client and offer therapeutic outcomes. 

  • We believe in the importance of the therapeutic relationship as key in the process and pride ourselves on finding ways to create safety and connection for the therapeutic work to be done. 

  • We place a high importance on emotional regulation/nervous system regulation as a foundational skill for the client to learn and master. We understand that supporting goals that involve clients using social skills and executive functioning skills can only occur when the client is in a regulated state. 

  • We also understand that systems of support need to trickle through all the tiers of our organisation to ensure the client/participant is supported in the best way possible. 

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